Topping the Golf Ball and Don’t Know Why?

Posted on: March 27th, 2013 by Wigwam Golf |

Hi. I’m Shane LeBaron with the Plane Truth Performance Center at the Wigwam Golf Resort in Phoenix, Arizona. We’re here today to help you stop the shallow top.
If you’re shallow topping, from the top of your backswing, your spine angle is shifting back and to the right, getting the golf club stuck too far behind you, forcing you to swing too “up” on the golf ball.

To stop the shallow top, if you’ll set up with your golf club, get the golf club about two to three inches above the golf ball. I want you to make a swing and hit it.

By getting the club above the golf ball, it will force you to swing down and into the golf ball, as opposed to shifting your angle back and to the right.

Here’s to you playing better golf. I’m Shane LeBaron.

About Shane LeBaron

Shane LeBaron, Director of Instruction at the Plane Truth Performance Center at the Wigwam Golf Resort, is among the best young minds in golf instruction. Shane has worked with or studied under many of the countries elite teachers including Jim Hardy, Butch Harmon and Mike and Sandy LaBauve.

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