This Seasons Top Ranked Golf Clubs

Posted on: November 25th, 2014 by Wigwam Golf |

Whether you’re a pro, a casual golfer, or a duffer, everyone likes using great golf clubs. If you’re in the market for a new set, look no further than the Wigwam Golf Pro Shop. We have professional club fitters who can help you find the perfect set for your play and your pocketbook.

Though high-quality, well-maintained golf clubs can last decades, new technology makes it tempting to upgrade. That’s why it’s critical you work with pros to get a customized fit.
According to, the top ten golf clubs are manufactured by:
• Callaway
• TaylorMade
• Titleist
• Nike
• Cleveland/Sxiron
• Mizuno
• Adams
• Odyssey
• Ping
• Cobra

Before you go shopping, do a little research. What type of technology would best help your game? What clubs do your friends recommend? How often do you play golf? What’s your price range? What type of golf courses do you play? What’s your handicap?

Remember: You’re unique. Your golf game is unique. As Tiger Woods put it, “The best way to start off with any set of clubs is to have them built for your size. When you have a set that is made for you it is amazing how much better you will be able to play.” You need to select clubs that fit you to a tee. And let’s be honest. The worse you are, the better clubs you need. Great players can probably hit balls with sticks and garden equipment!

Consider all the characteristics of each club. Following is a short list of features and price points, according to Golf Digest’s 2014 Hot List Summit held at The Wigwam in Litchfield Park, AZ. They evaluated clubs based on performance, innovation, look/sound/feel and demand.

1. Driver: As they say, size isn’t everything. In the case of a driver, shorter is better than longer. Why? The longer the club, the harder it is to squarely hit the ball. Callaway’s Big Bertha club consistently ranks high in golf performance and runs $400 and up. But TaylorMade’s JetSpeed driver is still a high-quality choice and starts at $300. You can find other good drivers for much less.

2. Irons: The Callaway Apex wins the top rating in this category, but at around $1,100 per set of eight, the price is pretty steep. For about $700, consider the Cobra Bio Cell line.

3. Wedges: Think about your favorite place to play golf and select your wedge accordingly. If you prefer small and fast greens, you’ll need a wedge with a fair bit of loft. For firmer turf, you’ll want a different type of wedge. Talk with the Wigwam golf pros to narrow down your best options. Price ranges for high-end wedges average between $200-$350.

4. Hybrids: Often considered iron replacements, hybrids are best for golfers with steep swings. The Adams Pro—at $200—is considered a top pick in this category. For a little less dough, consider the Cobra Baffler. But since most hybrids cost about the same, rely on your golf fitter for the best match.

5. Fairway woods: If you like power, consider the Adams Tight Light Tour starting at $200. If you really want some speed, look at the Callaway X2 Hot for about the same price. Since hybrids are fairly common these days, how will you use your fairway wood? Is it to hit off the tee or are you replacing long irons? Determine your golfing goals and selecting your fairway wood will be much easier.

6. Putter: You may have several already, but consider these elements before buying your next putter: balance point, weight, length and the head design. Most putters begin at about $150. Your Wigwam pro can use a “fitting through instruction” approach to make sure you find the best putter available.

For more than 80 years, Wigwam has been a favorite destination for golfers. You’ll love our three 18-hole championship golf courses. Let the Wigwam golf pros enhance your visit and your game by custom fitting you for the best possible set of golf clubs.

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