Putting Drill to Make More Birdie Putts

Posted on: March 4th, 2013 by Wigwam Golf |

We’re here today to talk about how you can become a better putter.

Over the years of playing in tournaments with amateur golfers, especially in Pro-Am’s, I’ve noticed that they quite often will make a putt for par or a par-saving putt, but if they have a putt of the same length for birdie, it often doesn’t go in and often doesn’t hit the hole.

I think the problem is, we don’t practice making birdies. So we want to teach you, we want to train you how to make birdies.  Today, we are going to give you a drill that’s going to help you become a better golfer, make more putts, and shoot lower scores.

We’ve set up 9 golf balls roughly a foot to foot and a half apart. The idea is…we start short and work our way long. Every putt we make is a birdie and every putt that we miss is a bogey. The idea is to go nine straight birdies, and see how you can do.

Now, if you get really good at this, what we want to do is spread them out a little farther. So now, all of a sudden, they are two feet apart, three feet apart. See how well you do. See how low you can go.

I’m Shane LeBaron, and I hope you’ve got better scores after using this putting drill.

About Shane LeBaron

Shane LeBaron, Director of Instruction at the Plane Truth Performance Center at the Wigwam Golf Resort, is among the best young minds in golf instruction. Shane has worked with or studied under many of the countries elite teachers including Jim Hardy, Butch Harmon and Mike and Sandy LaBauve.

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