Practice Golf At Home

Posted on: April 30th, 2020 by Wigwam Golf |

Are you trapped indoors and missing the golf course?  No worries! There are endless possibilities on how you can cure that golf itch while staying at home. From nets, mats, and artificial surfaces, to golf books and weighted clubs, this list goes on and on. You’ll be amazed by how many gadgets and pieces of equipment you have access to in your own home. 

If you are looking to get a good golf workout in while being confined to your house, we’re here to help. Check out these tips on how to practice golf at home.


golf at home1. Swing Away

Your golf swing is a key component to your game, so keeping your swing strong and flexible is very important while staying at home. A good tip to keep the muscle memory strong is to practice with a heavy or weighted club. If you can find time to do about 25 – 50 swings a day with a weighted club, we can almost guarantee a positive difference. The speed you will acquire while swinging a heavy club will equate to an increase in yardage when you get back out on the course. 

To do this, all you need to do is find a weighted or heavier club (or something similar) and find an open spot where you can extend fully. You want to be able to complete your full swing, so make sure you have plenty of space. 


golf at home2. Time To Putt

What better way to spend some downtime at home than with a little bit of putting? All you need is something to make a straight line and some free space then you are ready to go! You have straight lines to help guide your putts, preferably on the carpet. Doing this will help keep your putts on a straight path and will help you work on your aim. Use this to also work on accelerating your putt while staying on that straight path. 


3. Mirror, Mirror

When it comes to your golf stance and posture, what you think you are doing, and what you are actually doing may be two completely different things. That’s why using a mirror can be a very helpful tool while at home. 

Use a mirror to get a better look at your stances. Stand in the mirror and slowly move into various positions to get a better idea of what each stance looks like, then adjust accordingly. Once you have examined your stance, then move into your full swing. Use the mirror to check your follow-through, along with your grip. This is an easy tool to make sure you are not twisting or turning your body in the wrong direction. 


golf at home4. Read It And Weep

In today’s society, you can find a video for anything. That’s why when you have a golf question or want to learn more, we suggest turning to the internet. The internet is full of tutorial videos on various ways to improve your golf game. You can watch tutorials where the instructor teaches you new techniques on improving your grip, putting tips, swing, etc. Finding an expert online that you like is a good way to learn new ways to improve your game. We suggest checking out the Warren Schutte Players Academy or our Facebook page where we post tips with Warren Schutte Players Academy’s Director of Instruction.

If video isn’t your preferred medium, we are sure that any avid golfer probably has a book or two about golf somewhere hidden at home. Break that book out and give it a read. You never know what you skimmed over in the past, and you might learn some tips and tricks to try out on the course.


5. Social Distance Golfing at Wigwam

The Arizona Biltmore Golf Club and Wigwam Golf are committed to providing our resources to the benefit of the community. As long as we are permitted to do so, we will keep our golf courses open as a respite to those in the area.

With the right precautions, golf can be a safe activity, while enabling people to get outside and exercise in the fresh air. In an effort to provide an even safer environment for guests and employees, The Arizona Biltmore Golf Club and The Wigwam Golf Club have instituted Social Distancing Golf Play.


Just because you are spending a little extra time at home, that doesn’t mean your golf game has to suffer. Golf is a great way to relieve stress and anxiety, along with getting a great workout in. Take a look around your house for any tools or gadgets that you have laying around, you never know what you can use to work with. Or if you are in the area be sure to book a round at the Wigwam and read how we are instituting Social Distancing Golf Play.

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