Hybrid Golf Outing

After listening to what our customers want, the staff at the Wigwam is excited to introduce our new Hybrid Golf Outings (lovingly nicknamed HgO). The HgOs are alternative golf events that address varying timelines, budgets, and all levels of play. The menu of available golf outings can be used as standalone events or they can be combined to create robust, memorable activities for customers, prospects, employees, and even organizational fundraising.

Choose from a menu of fun-filled golf activities designed for any organizational objective and budget or customize your own!


Wouldn’t it be great if every par 3 hole on the course awarded a terrific prize to the golfer who is “closest-to-the-pin?” Ask and you shall receive. We’ll designate a hole strictly for this group outing and a member of the staff will oversee the contest. Need help with some prizes to create a spirit of competition? Done! This event lasts about an hour but can be expanded by replaying the hole or blending with other HgO events.


Camaraderie in the work place is vital in any business environment. This HgO event is certain to strengthen your group because teamwork is required to complete the task of building a golf putter using an assortment of materials. Bring a group as few as ten people up to 100 and the staff will provide all of the components for this team/putter building exercise. Then try it on the putting contest course and see which team comes up with the low score. Regardless, you’ll score high with your employees or group. For groups of 10 or less, the entire activity is completed in just two hours.


A golf Horse Race, also known as a Shoot Out, is a tournament format with a field of players. On each hole, one player or team is eliminated until only one remains – the champion. On each hole, the high score is eliminated. Expect a lot of playoffs in the early going, adding more time to the Horse Race. It is recommended to have a maximum of 20 players and create teams of two. A three-hole Horse Race lasts approximately 1.5 to 2 hours.


A long drive event typically creates healthy competition among the participants and lends itself to a more experienced golfer. But who’s to say that the Head Pro can’t take the shot for the “pretty straight-but-not-so-long-hitter?” This HgO activity is a great add-on and can be positioned so that all participants, and even spectators, can cheer from the tee box while a neighboring beverage cart adds to the fun. This one is done easily within an hour.


“But I don’t play golf!” No longer will you have to deal with that response when a client or prospect declines golf tournament participation. Creating a fun-filled putting contest on the practice green allows everyone to accept your invitation because, quite simply, anyone can putt. The course features fun obstacles and even some elements that tie to your business. Simple fun with the purpose to entertain clients or prospects. Time varies depending on the number of players.


This HgO activity will challenge golfers with an array of different shots. Choose from a long putt, a difficult chip or ball placement (and many other challenging shots) to test the golfer’s skill set. This outing can be designed to be purely fun or a more competitive contest, but in either case, a good networking opportunity if done in a team format. Depending on the number of players, this event will last between 1.5 and 2 hours.


Here’s another competitive and experienced-based activity that is a great add-on event to a full tournament or another HgO outing. First, a target (with or without an organization’s logo) is placed at an optimum distance on the fairway, thereby setting the stage for golfers to test their accuracy. A series of shots are made toward the target with the club’s staff providing measurements and deciding who advances to the next fairway. And yes, the beverage cart is close in tow.


Even the top PGA TOUR professionals have teachers so why not take a group lesson with your clients or employees while enjoying your visit to the course? One of the above activities could then follow the instruction and the afternoon might conclude with a fun-filled happy hour on the driving range or next to the practice green. This one probably requires the better part of an afternoon.

If you don’t find an activity here that meets your needs, then suggest one of your own. Feel free to challenge our staff with any request, whether it be a golf outing or a food and beverage experience, or both.