How to Play The Red Course

Hole #1 | Par 4

Welcome to the first hole of the beautiful Red golf course. We know you’re going to love the rest of the 17 holes. Here you’ll want to aim left of center of the fairway using a 3-wood or long iron. This will leave you a straight approach shot to the green. Note: This large green is guarded by a right-side bunker.

Hole 1 of the Red Course at The Wigwam Golf Resort

Hole #2 | Par 3

With its dazzling views, you may not realize this is a challenging hole. With a Par-3 , trust us, this a tough hole. Watch out for a water hazard running down the left side of the hole. You’ll also discover bunkers tightly guarding the green on three sides of the hole.

Hole 2 at one of the best golf courses in the Phoenix area, The Red Course

Hole #3 | Par 4

Want our advice? Take aim right center of the fairway. Keeping your tee shot in the fairway is important to your approach shot to the green. Watch out for the pesky bunker along the left side of the green.

Hole 3 Red Golf Course at The Wigwam Golf Resort near Phoenix

Hole #4 | Par 5

You can reach the green in two shots. One way is to find the fairway long off the tee. Another option is to play this as a three-shot hole and lay up short of the green side bunkers.

Hole 4 on the Red Course at The Wigwam near Phoenix

Hole #5 | Par 3

Feeling strong? Good. Because this is a demanding green that rewards a strong shot and punishes a weak one. It would be better short of this green than long. Pro tip: This green is guarded by bunkers in the front, right, back.

Hole 5 on the Red Course at The Wigwam Golf Resort near Phoenix, Arizona

Hole #6 | Par 5

Pssst. Lean in. If you use a strong drive down the right center of the fairway, you can make this Par-5 reachable in two. This is a demanding multi-tiered green, so it’s critical to plan where your ball lands on the approach shot. Take it from us: A smart lay-up in front of the green will definitely help with your approach shot.

Hole 6 on the Red Course at The Wigwam Golf Resort near Phoenix, AZ

Hole #7 | Par 4

Breathtaking, right? This stunning Par-4 that is carved out of the surrounding landscape. Using your trusty 3-wood or long iron, take aim at the first green side bunker. This short hole features multiple bunkers and a creek down the right side of the hole, from tee to green.

Hole #8 | Par 4

Truth or dare. Risk and reward. Are you up for a challenge? Swing toward the left side of the fairway bunker with a 3-wood or long iron. Are you long-ball hitter? If so, this is a great hole to drive the green, pull out, your driver, and, well, grip it and rip it. The good news? This green is only guarded by two bunkers, on the front left and right.


Hole #9 | Par 4

Set your sites on the right corner of the first bunker. Doing so will leave you a short easy approach shot. Because this is a demanding multi-tier green, you’re better off playing short than long.


Hole #10 | Par 4

Yes, it’s short. But it’s still challenging Par-4. We recommend using your 3-wood or long iron. Then swing toward the left side green’s bunker. With a tight narrow fairway, there’s no advantage in taking any risks off the tee. You’ll note the bunker on the front left side of the green.


Hole #11 | Par 4

Left, left left. Focus on the left edge of the green side bunker. Your approach shot really matters here. It’s important to nabbing a low score on this hole. This taxing multi-tier green requires you to be on the same level as the pin.


Hole #12 | Par 3

At first glance, this Par-3 may seem simple, but it can play tough. Because this large multi-tier green is difficult,  making the proper club selection is important. If you miss the green short, you may have trouble with the deep bunker or pin position in the back left of the green. Be warned: This may force you to make your tee shot up and over trees.


Hole #13 | Par 5

You’re sure to enjoy this green and may only need to take two great shots. If you aim just left of the second bunker, you’ll be in a terrific position to reach the green in two shots. The green is flanked by bunkers, one short and one in back. Note: This green is smaller than average, so accuracy is important.


Hole #14 | Par 4

When you’re right, you’re right. Take aim at the right edge of the second bunker using your favorite 3-wood or long iron. Keeping your tee shot on the left side of the fairway allows the most room to shoot for the pin. Word to the wise: The green is guarded by bunkers on the left and a water hazard on the right.


Hole #15 | Par 4

Well, you’ve made it to hole 15. What do you think so far? As usual, we’re ready with more great advice. Here, you’ll want to take aim at the right edge of the second bunker and cut it back to the middle of the fairway. If you pull that off, you’ll have a straight approach shot to the green, guarded by two bunkers on the right side.


Hole #16 | Par 4

Ready for a little adventure? This is one of the longest Par-4’s on this course. Take aim down the left center of the fairway; this will cut some distance on this dogleg left hole. Your approach shot enters an arduous narrow green, bordered by a tight bunker. Believe us: Par on this hole is a good score.


Hole #17 | Par 3

Sure, she’s pretty. But she will test your mettle. Hole 17 is beautiful, but tough. This Par-3 can play over 254 yards, making it one of the most difficult holes. Want a safe play? Target the center of the green.


Hole #18 | Par 5

You’ve reached the end. And what will you find? A dogleg left finishing hole that is grueling. This Par-5 will take you all three shots to reach the green. Off the tee, take aim with a 3-wood or long iron left of the first bunker. A smart lay-up is a medium down the right center of the fairway. And at the end? You’ll need a short iron for your approach shot. We hope you enjoy your 18 holes of golf at the Wigwam Red Golf Course.