How to Play The Gold Course

Hole #1 | Par 5

Welcome to the Gold Course! Long hitters can get on in 2 but the green is very narrow, and well protected by deep bunkers both left and right. Note: Don’t go too far left, out of bounds runs the entire way to the hole. If you are choosing to lay up, aim to the far right side of the fairway. This will avoid the bunker on the left and give you the best angle to approach the green.

Hole 1 of the Gold Course at The Wigwam Golf Resort

Hole #2 | Par 4

Don’t let this intimidating looking dogleg detract from its tree-lined beauty. A nice drive will put a wedge in your hand for an approach shot over water, but an errant tee shot will leave you punching out of the trees and laying up short of the pond. This green is almost completely surrounded by water, so be precise with your distance.

Hole 2 at one of the top golf courses in the Phoenix area, The Gold Course

Hole #3 | Par 3

This long par-3 is a good challenge. The green is elevated, narrow, slopes back to front, and right to left. You’ll need to add 5 yards to your tee shot to compensate for such a tough green. The green is also well protected by bunkers on the left and front right. Hitting this difficult green off the tee is your only real chance at making par, good luck!

Hole 3 Gold Golf Course at The Wigwam Golf Resort near Phoenix

Hole #4 | Par 5

Hole 4 is one of the longest par-5’s you’ll ever play from the tips! This hole is lined with trees, has out of bounds to the left, and large fairway bunkers strategically placed. Hug the middle-right side of the fairway off the tee, and this will lay you up to the left of the second fairway bunker for your next shot. This green is also elevated, so add a couple of yards to your approach. The green is much larger than it appears from the fairway, so know where the pin is and be accurate with your approach shot. Do your best to avoid the deep green side bunker on the left.

Hole 4 on the Gold Course at The Wigwam near Phoenix

Hole #5 | Par 4

This is a short par-4 but its design makes it a difficult hole to play. The fairway bunker on the right side is hard for most to avoid. Long hitters can fly it, but it’s a big risk reward to challenge this bunker. The green slopes back to front with one deep bunker guarding the front left. It is best to favor the right half of this green.

Hole 5 on the Gold Course at The Wigwam Golf Resort near Phoenix, Arizona

Hole #6 | Par 3

This hole is another difficult par-3 with water left, bunker left, overhanging tree left and the green sloping left! Do yourself a favor and hit the middle of this green, don’t worry where the pin is. Par is a great score here!

Hole 6 on the Gold Course at The Wigwam Golf Resort near Phoenix, AZ

Hole #7 | Par 4

Hole 7 has inconveniently placed middle fairway bunkers you must navigate around to have a chance at hitting this green in regulation. Most can clear the first set of bunkers but long hitters beware, there is another fairway bunker further down the fairway that is in play. Hug the left side of this fairway off the tee. The green is narrow in front and wraps around another deep green side bunker. Be careful not to go over this green.

Hole #8 | Par 4

There’s a water canal that runs all the way up the right side of hole 8 and cuts across the fairway right in front of the green. There’s a deep fairway bunker on the left side, which must be avoided to give yourself a chance at hitting this green in two. Your second shot will be headed toward a narrow green that’s protected by steep slopes all the way around. Watch out for the water canal on the front and left side. Note: This green is two-tiered front and back. If you are hitting a wood into the green, it might be best to lay up short of the canal and chip onto the green.

Gold #8 Wigwam golf course

Hole #9 | Par 4

Hole 9 features a dogleg right with a fairway bunker on the right side that is in play. Hug the left side of this fairway off the tee, but stay out of the group of large pines. If you have managed to hit this fairway, you have a very difficult approach shot ahead. This green is narrow and protected by deep bunkers on the left. Take note of the steep slope to the right leading straight for the water. Par is another great score here! Lastly, this hole is two-tiered front and back.

Gold #9 Wigwam Golf Course Near Phoenix

Hole #10 | Par 5

Hole 10 is another long par-5, always seeming to play into the wind. This hole is tree-lined off the tee so anything in the fairway is a great shot! Your best lay-up shot is left of the fairway bunker on the right but beware of water along the left side. Add 5 yards to your approach shot to this elevated green, and avoid bunkers on the front left and right. Note: The water canal hugs the right side of this green.

Gold #10 Wigwam Golf Course Near Phoenix

Hole #11 | Par 3

Another difficult par-3! Going long is better than short here. The green is two-tiered, right and left, over the bunker in front. Stay focused because you’ll be hitting over water the entire way up to the green. The only bail out is going right, but that doesn’t leave you with an easy chip shot since the green has such severe slopes. Good luck!

Gold #11 Wigwam Golf Course

Hole #12 | Par 4

Your best shot on this dogleg left is middle-right of the fairway, which will help you avoid the bunker down the left side. Long hitters can hit through this fairway with a driver, so choose your club off the tee wisely. This will leave you a short iron in. This green slopes traditionally back to front and has large deep bunkers to the right and left. Do yourself a favor and hit the middle of this green.

Gold #12 at one of the top golf course in the Phoenix area

Hole #13 | Par 4

Hole 13 starts off with an intimidating tee shot, causing golfers to avoid water on the right and a fairway bunker left. A driver can reach the fairway bunker, so just try to hug the right side of it or lay up in front of it. A short to mid iron will get you onto the green, but make sure you stick it because it severely slopes off on all sides. Miss this green and your short game is put to the test! Favor the right side of the green, if you miss, this will be your best chance to get up and down for Par.

Gold #13 at the Wigwam Golf Resort near Phoenix, AZ

Hole #14 | Par 5

Finally, a reachable par-5! A well-struck tee shot over the left edge of the water will be rewarded with a mid to long iron into the green. Going for the green in 2? If you happen to miss, make sure you miss right. Out of bounds is to the left, and bunkers are left and front right. If you have to lay up make sure you stay right of the fairway bunkers on the left side. This should leave you with an easy wedge stroke onto the green.

Gold #14 at the Wigwam Golf Resort near Phoenix, Arizona

Hole #15 | Par 4

Using a driver off the tee brings the fairway bunker into play. A smart play is a 3 wood or hybrid off the tee, leaving a short iron onto one of the most challenging greens on the Gold Course. This green is wide left to right and narrow front to back with severe sloping. There are also two deep bunkers in front of the green that you need to avoid to score well on this hole. Distance on your second shot is a premium as there is a steep slope off the back of this green.

Gold # 15 at the Wigwam Golf Resort near Phoenix

Hole #16 | Par 3

The shortest Par-3 on the course will give you a great opportunity to make birdie. There is water on the front left side of the green, and deep bunkers in the front and on the right. This green is two-tiered, right and left, so be sure you get it on the same level as the pin. This will give you a good chance at par. Note: A water canal does run behind the green so don’t go long.

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Hole #17 | Par 4

Hole 17 is a nice dogleg left, par-4. It’s imperative you hit the fairway to give yourself the best chance at hitting this very difficult green in two. The green is deceptively close to the pond on the right and everything slopes toward the water as well. Be cautious of bunkers to the left. It takes two great shots to have a chance at birdie on this hole. Just be happy making par! Marginal players will lay up just short-left of the green and chip on, giving themselves a chance to make par.

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Hole #18 | Par 4

Welcome to the final hole of the Gold Course at the Wigwam! Your tee-shot is very important on this dogleg left. The further your tee shot, the longer this hole gets. Just try to skirt the large tree on the left side of the fairway, and leave yourself a short iron onto a very narrow green. A water canal runs up the left side of this green, and there are large bunkers on the right. There is a spot to bail out just past the bunker on the left. A tough finish to a tough championship golf course!

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