Hooking the Golf Ball? Try This Drill.

Posted on: April 3rd, 2013 by Wigwam Golf |

Today we’re here to talk to you about how to fix the hook, or the golf ball that starts too far to the right and curves too far to the left.

When hooking a golf ball, the golf club to dropping too far behind you, swinging out to right field with a club face that is closing dramatically.

To fix your hook, I’ve set up a drill. We’ve got two golf balls: one we intend to hit, and one slightly back and to the inside. When you swing, I would like you to set up, miss the inside ball and hit our intended ball directly on line. If you drop the club back too far to the inside, we will run into the first golf ball.

I hope this helps limit your hooks on the golf course. Less hooks on the golf course will lead to lower scores. I’m Shane LeBaron.


About Shane LeBaron

Shane LeBaron, Director of Instruction at the Plane Truth Performance Center at the Wigwam Golf Resort, is among the best young minds in golf instruction. Shane has worked with or studied under many of the countries elite teachers including Jim Hardy, Butch Harmon and Mike and Sandy LaBauve.

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