Golf Tips

Improve Your Golf Game

Wigwam is home to the Warren Schutte Players Academy where they provide professional level golf lessons to new golfers through experience players. In the meantime we’ve compiled a list of golf tip videos we’ve created to get your game moving in the right direction. You never know which tip is going to be the one to get you hitting fairways, placing chips, or sinking putts.



Box Putting Drill – Use this drill to help control your putting speed. This drill is easy to setup on the practice green to get your speed right before heading out for your next round.

Eliminate 3 Putts – The most common problem that leads to 3 putts are misjudging the first putt’s speed. Use this drill along with the point system to track your performance before each round!

Make More Putts – Our last putting tip, start practicing making birdie putts so they aren’t a welcome surprise rather a expectation. Make 9 birdie putts in a row and watch them fall out on the course.


Adding Distance

Hit the Golf Ball Farther – What every golfer wants, more distance. To get this done, your swing needs to be faster while in control. This drill will get your club head speed moving while hearing that coveted whoosh.


Correcting Swing Mistakes

Swing Tempo – A lot of golfers are using their arms to increase their swing speed instead of their body. Watch this tip on how to improve your swing tempo to hit more consistent shots on the golf course.

Cure Your Golf Hook – Are your drives hooking to the left? This makes the hole longer and more difficult. This simple drill will help you correct your swing mistakes and start sending those balls down the middle of the fairway.

Avoid Shanking the Ball – We’ve all done it, but there is a way to cut down on shank shots. This drill will help you identify your swing mistake and get your follow through on the right path.