Golf Tips: Stop the Slice

Posted on: June 17th, 2013 by Wigwam Golf | No Comments

Getting off the tee with a good shot is a challenge that many beginners and occasional golfers face.  The tee shot is crucial because it sets the tone for the hole and puts you in position for a good or a bad round. Many golfers that struggle off the tee box do so because they hit a “slice.”

What makes a ball slice? A slice occurs when the club approaches the golf ball with outside-to-inside motion with an open clubface.  For a right-handed player, the ball will start to the left of the target and spin to the right, losing distance and accuracy. A slice is often called a “banana ball” due to its curved path.

Follow these tips to stop the pesky slice:

  1.  Adjust your address or your playing position. Make sure that your shoulders are square and parallel to your target line. Avoid setting up open, or left of your target, a stance that frequently creates a slice.
  2. Aim straight. Slicing the ball sometimes makes you want to aim further left, but this actually opens your stance and creates a bigger slice. Reposition your aim and your address to be in line with your target.
  3. Tilt your shoulders. Your right shoulder should be lower than your left, creating a tilt that will encourage your body to take the club back on a slightly inside path.  Setting up with your shoulders level to the ground will cause you to swing away from the target line and produce the outside-to-inside downswing that often causes the slice.
  4. Focus on first. Hit the ball with an inside-to-outside motion; it will feel like you are hitting the ball down the first baseline on a baseball field. When you slice, your ball will look like it is traveling to third base.
  5. Keep your eye on the ball until it is hit. Looking up too soon will cause the clubface to open which will give the ball a left-to-right spin. Focus on making solid contact with the ball before looking up.

The next time you are struggling to hit a solid tee shot, remember these simple tips to eliminate your slice and have more fun on the golf course.

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