Golf Tips: Hitting Out of the Rough

Posted on: November 21st, 2012 by Wigwam Golf |

Raise your hand if you hit the fairway with every single tee shot. If your hand is raised, feel free to stop reading this now. For the rest of us, hitting out of the rough is inevitable. With that in mind, let’s discuss how to become more effective when hitting out of the tall grass.

One of the biggest things to consider is determining how much grass is going to interfere with the impact of the club head and the golf ball. Another key element that comes into play is your natural swing speed. Notice I said “natural swing speed.” One common mistake golfers make is trying to muscle up and do too much when hitting out of the rough. Doing so can lead to unfortunate results.

The key is to not try to make up an errant drive in one shot. Let’s say you’re playing a 400-yard par 4, and your drive left you with 210 yards to the green. Rather than pulling your trusted fairway wood out of your bag and potentially topping it or shanking it into an even more unfavorable lie, take a more conservative approach. Consider hitting a club such as an 8-iron, or even a wedge—leaving yourself a very manageable wedge shot to the green and a chance to save par.

Another common mistake golfers make is becoming too tense. Have confidence in your club selection, make a full, confident, and natural swing, and allow the club to do the work.

Applying this subtle, more conservative change in your approach can put you in a position to enjoy lower scores.

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