Golf for Beginners: Golf Course Etiquette

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Golf Tips for Beginners

Golf Course Etiquette Tips- As a beginner on the golf course, it’s common to feel out of place. By adhering to these few simple golf course etiquette tips for beginners, you’ll fit in like a seasoned professional your very first round of golf.

Making a Tee Time, Then Make the Tee Time

To reserve a tee time, call or visit the website of the course you will be playing at. Once you have reserved a tee time, inform your group and remind everyone to arrive early. It’s not only important to reserve a time for your round of golf, but to show up at the time you are expected. Many players arrive early to stretch and warm up by hitting a few balls on the driving range.

In the event of a missed tee-time, you and your group must wait until another vacant tee-time is available. On a busy day, this could be hours, if at all. Avoid missing out on a fun afternoon of golf by making a tee time, and arriving on time.

At the Wigwam Golf Resort near Phoenix, Arizona tee times are reserved online. Visit to learn more about reserving a tee time.


Dress the Part, Dress Code Etiquette

Dressing appropriately is almost as important golf course etiquette as showing up on time. Most golf courses have dress code rules that players must adhere to. As a general rule of thumb, men on golf courses wear a collared shirt with long pants or dress shorts. Jeans commonly not permitted. For women, modest tops with golf skirts, pants or shorts are normally acceptable. Golf shoes with spikes are common footwear of most golfers. However, some courses only allow soft spike shoes. Depending on the course, clubs may allow or prohibit tennis shoes, sneakers, and less commonly, sandals. To ensure proper dress for your next game, always check the dress code of the green you will be visiting.

Keep Up the Pace of Play

As a beginner on the golf course, it is very important to be aware of the pace of play and try to keep with it. To speed up your game, locate your ball and make decisions about the club you will use while others in your group are playing. If your group is playing particularly slow and holding up the group behind, it is good golf course etiquette to let the group pass and play ahead.


Golf Course Care

Repair all ball marks on the greens, divots in the fairways, & rake bunkers. Taking care of the course you play on is very important golf course etiquette, especially for beginners. It’s possible that beginners may make more divots on fairways or ball marks on the green. Ensure proper etiquette by repairing any divots or marks on the fairway or green. Additionally, if a ball is hit into a bunker, be sure to rake the bunker once the ball is played out.

If you are using a cart during the game, adhere to the rules of the course. Most courses require carts to stay on the cement sidewalks to avoid tearing up the grass. Driving recklessly or too close to a green is also not acceptable on most golf courses.


Although golf is an individually scored sport, it also has a strong team atmosphere where sportsmanship is very important. When playing with others, remain a respectful attitude. Negative comments, teasing or loud yelling while others are playing displays bad etiquette on a golf course. Additionally, playing by the rules and keeping honest score is a display of good sportsmanship. Win or lose, golf is leisure for most, and meant to be enjoyed. Good sportsmanship allows everyone to feel comfortable and confident while playing.

Etiquette for Other Golfers

Along with good sportsmanship, being respectful of other players is equally important. Talking loudly on the green, at tee off, or while another player is concentrating can be disrespectful to others.

Golf Course Safety

To ensure safety on the course, always remain conscious of other players. Before swinging your clubs, check around you to make sure others have backed away. Also, avoid teeing off until the group ahead of you is out of your range.

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